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Treadmill that Fits Under the Bed 2020

Treadmill that Fits Under the Bed

Do you want to exercise at home but you’ve got not much space for it? 

A treadmill that fits under the bed is going to be a great solution for you. 

These running tracks are portable and compact. You can hide them under the bed. 

A lot of people in the United States lose their weight with a treadmill. For this, your heart rate should be in the fat burning zone for at least 30 min while you are running. 

In this article, I’m going to reveal how to pick a compact treadmill for home taking into account some of the most important factors.

In a hurry? Check this comparison table to make a quick choice.

CategoryTreadmill Item NamePrice
Top choiceNordicTrack NTL17915 T 6.5 S TreadmillCheck price on Amazon
PopularSunny Health & Fitness Treadmill Motorized Running MachineCheck price on Amazon
Compact treadmill Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill SeriesCheck price on Amazon
The best priceMerax MS020307BAA JK1603E Easy Assembly Folding Electric Treadmill Motorized Running Machine
Check price on Amazon

What to Look for When Buying a Home Treadmill for a Small Space

An under-bed treadmill is an excellent investment to your health and saving your time for work out. With it, you’ve got more options for doing exercises at home. 

A treadmill that fits under the bed is going to be different from gym treadmills. 

More than a hundred people may use gym treadmills during the day. That’s why they have an extra load. Also, buying an expensive tread doesn’t mean that you will practice regularly. 

That being said, a portable treadmill may be a good option if you want to use it at home. However, you should review what comes along with the device: motors, programs, constructions, etc. 

The right speedwalk is an individual choice. Before buying, I suggest you write down your expectations and goals you want to achieve with it. 

I recommend you should think about your health needs and how frequently you are going to work out. It will help you explore the right running track to meet your requirements.

The folding system

Running tracks often take up space enough in a room. You have to leave some areas around your track to minimize this risk of being injured if you fall off. 

Before buying, you should understand where you will place it. 

You can hide it after exercise but measure space in the room.

Warranties and Motors

5% of Americans do workouts every day says The American Journal of Preventative Medicine. 

So, if you’re not a marathoner, I don’t recommend you choosing an expensive device. You may consider a fold flat treadmill with a 1.5 to 2.5 continuous duty. It’s enough for home use. 

Also, ensure that you have a valid guarantee: 3 years for components, one year on activity. 

Some running tracks have a lifetime warranty on the frame. However, you should have it for the engine as well.


Check the switches for speed and incline and how they are accessible. Is it possible to use a treadmill for jogging and running? Take it into consideration. 

Different models can have the controls in different spots. Some brands built them into the arms or produce motion sensor controls. It’s important to know where the speed and other charges are located. 

Some treadmills have inbuilt displays and audio ports. 


Before making a purchase, check all workout programs. You need to choose a unit with a program that enables you to hit your goals. Consider what kind of info you’d like to see: speed, distance, total workout time, total calories burned, etc.

Quality construction

It’s one of the main points to consider while buying a running track. It’s better to avoid low-quality materials. They can be harmful for you. You need to check what materials are on the frame. Aluminum and steel are the best materials. Avoid plastic materials as most likely they are of low quality. 

1. XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill Black

Top rated 

If you’re looking for the affordable compact treadmill for your home workout, opt for TR150.

A lot of runners use it for training for a marathon if the weather isn’t fair. 

If you buy your first treadmill, be sure that you assemble it without any help. You’ll get clear instructions. It takes around 20 minutes to start using it. 

The treadmill is quiet when you’re running on it. You’ll be able to watch TV at the normal volume while running. 

  • 12 preset programs allow you to choose the most suitable workout for your goal. 
  • You can modify the speed range from 0.5 to 10 MPH. 
  • Large 16’’ X 50’’ walking/running surface allows you to run comfortably without any worrying. 
  • Large 5 inch LCD helps you check your speed, incline, time, calories, pulse, distance. You’ll be notified when you finish a complete lap. There is a heart rate monitor. It’s convenient to check it. Also, you have direct access speed keys where you can control how fast and easy your workout is.
  • Pocket-friendly price. This is a great treadmill for the affordable price. 

I love that it has an accessory holder to put things, and you don’t have to worry that a bottle can fall. There is a ledge for an iPad/Kindle that allows you to read while you’re walking or running.

There are a lot of honest reviews and satisfied customers. You can find out more here 

2. Merax MS020307BAA JK1603E Easy Assembly Folding Electric Treadmill Motorized Running Machine

The cheapest price 

Are you looking for an excellent home treadmill sized for convenience? You don’t need to spend a ton of money on a treadmill to get a good machine. This Merax has the right price, and it doesn’t take too much room. 

You don’t need to worry about how to assemble it. It comes almost fully formed. You need to unfold and tighten basically.

  • The design of the treadmill is perfect because it has rolling wheels on the bottom that allows you to change the place of it easily. Premium Multi-Layer Running Belt minimizes motor stress.
  • The fastest speed setting is 10. It’s good for quick jogging. If you need a piece of equipment for fast running, you’d better move along. 
  • The treadmill works well, so far. It has a low noise motor that doesn’t bother others. Also, you can change the height you want.
  • The multi-functional display helps you track your progress and critical functions. Also, you can choose a program that meets your goals. 
  • There are three built-in programs to challenge you. You will see there your speed, heart rate, burned calories, distance. 
  • One of the advantages of the treadmill is an emergency stop key for your safety.
  • Great entry-level piece for a very decent price. 

So, if you are searching for a cheap, compact, space-saving, entry-level treadmill, Merax MS020307BAA JK1603E is a good choice. 

3. Sunny Health & Fitness T7643 Heavy Duty Walking Treadmill with 350 lb High Weight Capacity, Wide Walking Area and Folding for Storage

Popular choice 

Do you have a new fitness goal? The Sunny Health and Fitness treadmill helps people in fitness for around 15 years. 

This slim treadmill doesn’t cost a ton of money. It doesn’t take a lot of space due to a compact size. But you need to check workout requirements before buying it. 

  • A folding mechanism helps you unfold your portable treadmill safely. 
  • It has nine built-in programs. Therefore, you can choose the one that fits your fitness goal. There are programs that take around 30 minutes at a time. You can walk and jog at 10 MPH Max speed.
  • The motor isn’t too loud so that you can watch a TV show without any issues. 
  • It’s so convenient to have handrail controls that allow you to control the start and top speed.
  • A small shelf is a good thing to have for the treadmill. You can put an iPad, a book, a remote control, or your phone there. Also, it has two spaces for water bottles. 
  • On LCD Display, you can track your time, program, pulse, calories, speed. Pause function helps pause your run while keeping your current data.

One motivating thing about it is that you can start fast.

So, if you want to a good compact treadmill to achieve your fitness goals, the Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmill is just for you. 

4. NordicTrack NTL17915 T 6.5 S Treadmill

Popular choice 

If you’re looking for an interactive personal training at home – NordicTrack powered by iFit can be a good fit for you. 

  • It gives access to interactive trainer-led global workout programs. So, you can be sure how to achieve your fitness goals.
  • This treadmill that fits under the bed is easily portable and very simple to assemble. You need around 30 minutes to start your workout. 
  • OneTouch control helps you change your incline and speed fast. The speeds are 1-10 MPH, and it’s comfortable for fast walking, light jogging, and fast jogging. The incline feature is substantial and responsive. So, you can change it during your jogging.
  • You can connect your phone or table to the treadmill because it has Bluetooth connection. It automatically adjusts your speed and inclines to your trainer recommendations. You’ll feel like on a real workout with a trainer.
  • The panel has plenty of options to track different stuff: distance, calories, speed, heart rate.
  • The motor works quite, and you’ll enjoy walking in the comfort of your home. 
  • Also, you can put your things like a watch, keys, a cellphone, or a bottle of water to the cup holder. 

This treadmill is good for fast running. You can find interactive training to achieve fitness results fast. So, it is an excellent choice for you if you have a specific goal. 

5. SereneLife Smart Digital Folding Exercise Machine SLFTRD18

Popular choice 

The SerenaLife Smart Digital Folding is impressive for its price because it has a lot of features.

If you want to have interactive workouts, this treadmill company helps you have extraordinary fitness sessions. It links to the FitShow sports app, where you can find fantastic training. 

  • The treadmill connects to any smartphone, laptops tablets via Bluetooth connectivity. So, you can download an iOS and Android FitShow app and choose the program that you need. The app helps track all your activities.
  • This compact folding treadmill is portable, and you don’t need to spend a lot of time to set up and store it. It takes around fifteen minutes to start training after unpacking the box. This model has a perfect size. It doesn’t take up a lot of space. 
  • Monitor exercise activities to help you check your progress during the workout. The treadmill has an LCD screen that shows running data statistics. 
  • You’ll see the running time, distance, speed, burned calories, and heart rate.
  • The walking pad helps you control your pulse because of grip sensors for pulse monitoring built-in.
  • You can choose to speed up to 6 MPH. 
  • This model comes with selectable preset training models that help you create a customized fitness session. 

Also, it’s safe to use it because it has an integrated safety key and emergency shut off button to cut power instantly. 

This treadmill is perfect for walking, light jogging, and having a good cardio workout at home.

6. Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill Series

Weslo Cadence Models are for people who want to get more results in less time. Why?

The price is really pocket-friendly for this kind of model. It’s a standard treadmill but with additional cool features.

  • It has six personal trainer workouts. Certified Personal Trainers have designed them. It helps you increase your time and get a great workout!
  • It has two-position manual incline and comfort cell cushioning. The unique treadmill desk increases your workout comfort. These programs automatically adjust the speed and incline of the treadmill. It reduces stress on your joints.
  • You don’t need to spend a lot of hours to assemble it. You need just 30 minutes to set it up. The treadmill can fold up. So, you can save your space in the room.
  • Blue-Tinted LCD with Priority Display helps you track your workout results. You’ll see your speed, distance, time of workout, calories burned. You can check your progress during home exercises. 
  • Heart Rate Monitor helps you check your pulse. You put your thumb on the Easy Pulse sensor, and you’ll see the right indicator of your heart rate.
  • The motor works quietly. Thus, you can talk with somebody or easily watch a TV show.

So, if you need a good compact treadmill, here it is. 

7. Confidence Power Plus 600W Motorized Electric Folding Treadmill Running Machine

If you need a simple treadmill, take a look at this model.

  • The Confidence Power Plus 600W is compact and easy to put under your bed. The price is very reasonable for this kind of treadmill. If you worry about how to assemble it without somebody helps, don’t think about it. You can make it without any issues. You can easily fold it up.
  • It has lightweight, but you feel very stable when you’re running. It is perfect for people who are looking for a treadmill that they can use during working hours. When you’re walking and running at the same time. It works better for people that want to move or have light jogging. 
  • Also, this treadmill that fits under the bed has a powerful motor. It provides the drive for people up to 250 lbs.
  • The LCD helps you track your progress during the workout. 
  • It also has an automatic stop feature after 30 minutes.
  • It works quite enough to do your business and walk at the same time.
  • It’s perfect if you want to shed a few extra pounds. You can eliminate up to 900 calories an hour! 

If you’re looking for a treadmill under your working table and you want to have a workout during working hours, opt for Confidence Power Plus 600W. 

8. FITNESS REALITY 2045 TRE2500 Folding Electric Treadmill with Goal Setting Computer

The Fitness Reality Treadmill with Goal Setting Computer helps you burn extra calories and achieve a healthy lifestyle. 

  • The Fitness reality 2045 TRE 2500 is ideal for a small room. It doesn’t need a lot of space to workout. This model is lightweight enough for easy mobility. There are transportation wheels that help you move a treadmill to different locations.
  • Two workout goal settings as time and distance help you set up goals that you need. 
  • The maximum a person’s weight capacity is about 220 lbs. 
  • The speed adjusts to a maximum of 5 mph, which helps you lose body fat. At four mph speed is a very rigorous workout already! 
  • The «Quite Drive» Motor reduces any noises when you do exercises. There is no sound interference with music or TV show. 
  • The belt size is 13’’ W x 40’’ L.
  • Backlit LCD Display shows you time, walked distance, calories burned, speed. There are four quick speed buttons to change it. 
  • Also, you may like that there are two bottles holders and a cellphone holder. It’s so convenient to keep everything at hand during a workout.
  • If you worry about your balance on a treadmill, the handlebars help you maintain it.

So, the treadmill fits perfect for small apartments and people who want to start a healthy lifestyle.

9. Titan Fitness Under Desk Walking Treadmill

The Titan Fitness is ideal for people that want to work out during work. Nowadays, it’s a new trend to stop sitting and start walking at the office. Thus, a mini treadmill helps you get your steps while working. 

It fits perfectly for standing desks. You can be active all day long. While you’re walking, it is convenient to type at your computer, make phone calls, and hold business meetings.

It is easy to set it up. You don’t need to do anything for it. Just unpack the delivered box.

A hardy console fits nicely on your desktop. You can track there your speed and distance, steps taken, and how many calories you have lost while walking.

This model has safety features. You can clip a safety key onto your shirt. If the key is disengaged from the console, it automatically turns off the treadmill.

It weighs approximately 114 lbs. Thus, you can easily change its place. The weight capacity is about 250 lbs.

The maximum speed of the treadmill is up to 4 MPH. Thus, it is for walking while you’re reading or working. It’s not enough for people who want to run.

So, if it fits your needs, I totally recommend it.

10. Goplus Folding Treadmill Electric Support Motorized Power Running Fitness Jogging Incline Machine

This is a folding running machine that could make your fitness goals to be real. The running exercises keep you strong and improve your health. 

  • The Goplus Folding Treadmill has twelve programs and three manual inclines. It is an essential feature for people that want to have intensive workouts. 
  • It has 2.25 horsepower quite impulse motor that doesn’t make a lot of noise. It fit awesome for an interval, speed, and endurance training.
  • The weight capacity is up to 220 LBs. 
  • The treadmill has an easy folding mechanism that helps you unfold it fast. There are built-in transportation wheels for easy relocation.
  • Three levels of incline help you burn more calories and get more muscle. The speed level is about 0.5 to 7.5 MPH. You can select the different speed that fits your physical condition.
  • There is an LCD screen that shows your hand pulse, speed, distance, time, calories, modes. You can record your daily progress. Also, 12 easy-to-use programs can help you improve your cardiovascular fitness, burn fat. 
  • There is a mobile phone holder. So, you can enjoy videos or talk with somebody during a workout.
  • The safety key helps you the easy-to-reach emergency stop switch on the handrail. It would stop immediately in emergencies. Also, you can find control keys right at your fingertips. 

If you want to workout hard, the Goplus Folding Treadmill fits you!

11. Bodycraft Spacewalker Compact Folding Treadmill

If you’re looking for a compact treadmill easily folds into, that you can use while you’re working on a laptop, so Bodycraft Spacewalker Compact Folding Treadmill is terrific for you. 

It is served as a bench or table. 

  • It doesn’t require any assembly. You will get a fully assembled treadmill. You don’t need to spend time to set up it. You lock the folder and open positions.
  • The weight capacity is up to 300 lbs. You don’t need to worry if it may be broken.
  • It has a safety key. It means that it would prevent emergencies.
  • There is a bright red LED display providing speed, time, distance, pulse. You will keep informed about how your workout is going. 
  • The speed range is 0.5 – 4 mph that convenient to work and walk at the same time. You can use it to achieve 15 000 steps daily goals while you work at home. It doesn’t have any incline. This treadmill that fits under the bed is designed for comfortable walking.
  • The motor is quiet enough to work, a talk by a cellphone, watch videos. It also has a built-in cup/accessory holder. That so convenient to walk and drink a cup of tea.
  • The working desk doesn’t move when you are walking on the treadmill. It will vibrate but without any bothering. 

If you’re looking for a treadmill that helps you achieve daily steps goals, the Spacewalker is an attractive choice for you!

12. Depointer Exercise Treadmills

Would you like that your home becomes your gymnasium? So, the Depointer Exercise

The treadmill is foldable, durable, and steady.

If you want to start daily running workouts, this treadmill has everything for being productive. 

  • It is incredible works for small apartments. The treadmill has a foldable saving design. 
  • Heavy-Duty Construction is made of high-quality steel. If you are afraid of plastic frames, this treadmill what you need, it has good quality.
  • The weight capacity is 220 lbs. The running belt provides a comfortable experience. 
  • You can put your cellphone or iPad on the holder. Thus, you can talk with somebody, watch an educational course or read a book at the same time. 
  • There is a safety key designed with a clip. You can connect you and the machine. If something happens, the emergency stop button is on the handrail as well. You can be sure that you’re safe while working out.
  • Multi-Function LED Display will show your heart rate, speed, distance, time, and calories. There are twelve programs available. You can choose any exercise program to improve your body, burn fat, and boost your health to the new level.
  • The motor is silent and powerful. It supports speed ranges from 0.62 – 7.5 MPH. You can walk or run that helps see different exercise effects.

So, if you want to start the workout at home – this model is ideal for you.

13. Confidence Fitness Power Trac Treadmill Black

The Confidence Power Trac Pro 735W will help you start doing exercises regularly. It is an effective way to work out in your own home. The treadmill has a lot of features for having a fantastic workout.

You don’t need to worry about how to assemble it if you live alone. It has lightweight and easy to handle. The frame is attached to the bottom, and it’s fast to put things together. 

The treadmill has a specific design, and you can fold it up and move too. It is roomy enough. 

  • The material is plastic and metal, but you can be sure that the frame is sturdy. 
  • The big advantage of this model is twelve fitness programs inside of the treadmill. You can choose a plan to keep your progress.
  • The speed range is 1-10 km/h. So, you can choose what kind of workout you want. You can just walk or jogging. Also, you can quickly select preset speeds on the monitor: 3, 5, 8, 10 km/h. It’s convenient if you manage your running without any programs. 
  • On an LED display, you can monitor your speed, distance, time, and burned calories. It’s a useful feature for you to see results for every running session.
  • And this model has a manual incline. You can change elevations of rising on 5 degrees, 3.5 degrees, 2 degrees.
  • An emergency stop clip is good to have it for your safety. You can be sure that it will be immediately stopped if something happens.

This model is ideal for regular training at home.

14. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7632 Space Saving Folding Treadmill w/LCD Display

If you aren’t sure you have enough space at home for a treadmill, check the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7632 model.

  • This space-saving treadmill has ideal size 44.5 x 14 inches to accommodate most walkers and runners. It is convenient to tilt and roll out for use or away for storage. You don’t need heavy lifting. The transportation wheels at the front of the walkingpad treadmill help you move from room to room. 
  • It’s easy to assemble it. You can make it by yourself. There is an easy instruction. 
  • This model has a unique absorption feature. You will feel less impact force on your legs and joints. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7632 treadmill that fits under the bed allows you to train longer with less fatigue,  even if you run outside.
  • The digital monitor helps you track your progress. You can check the time, distance, speed, burned calories, and scan. It keeps you motivated to continue the workout.
  • You can choose to have these features with a convenient scan mode.
  • The treadmill has speeds from 0.5 MPH (0.08 km) to 7 MPH (11.2 km). It’s enough to have proper training at home. 
  • The motor is tranquil and enough of an incline to keep it safe.

So, if you need a small treadmill for your room, this model is perfect for you.

15. 3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat Treadmill

If you need a compact runner’s workout in your home, consider 3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat Treadmill. It provides fantastic training at home.

  • This model allows you fold it upright and stored away under a bed. It can fold flat to a height that is extremely low, 9.75’’. 
  • The 80i Fold Flat Console provides you a great display feature to check ¼ mile track and heart rate sensors. Touch speed and incline allows users to grow to the next level and pace with quick incline keys. 
  • The motor is Strong 3.0 Horsepower. It allows you to have comfortable running exercise and keeping quiet in the room. 
  • You can choose different speeds to range from 0.5 MPH – 11 MPH. It helps you improve your running experience.
  • Also, it allows changing incline to 15%. This feature helps you burn more calories and achieve your fitness results faster.
  • There are eight preset programs built-in and four custom programs. If you don’t have enough experience to work out in a gym, these programs help you find your way.
  • The warranty is unique in this model. The drive motor and frame have a lifetime warranty. Five years’ warranty is for different parts.

If you want to work out at home regularly, this model is perfect for you.


Buying a treadmill is a great decision to keep your body fit. Check these reviews of treadmills that fit under the bed and understand your fitness goals.

If you want to work and walk at the same time, opt for models that have low speed and don’t change inclines.

If your idea is preparing for a marathon or having steady workouts, you may want to choose treadmills that have different programs.

The speed is up to 11 MPH. You’ll feel like on a real workout with a trainer.

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